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ApexFox Performance Coaching

“Competition Makes Us Faster. Collaboration Makes Us Better.”
– Nancy Steiger

We support professional growth by listening, asking questions, and collaborating to develop strategies. We promote creative thinking to reach new levels of success for our clients. We believe in the power of mentorship to unlock the full potential of individuals and teams.

Our Story

At ApexFox, we are a dynamic team of accomplished professionals with a shared passion for positively impacting the industry. With diverse backgrounds as managers, instructors, owners/operators, senior executives, and entrepreneurs, we have come together to empower individuals in achieving their business goals and advancing their careers.

Travis and Jarett Talbot, the driving forces behind ApexFox, embarked on their hospitality journeys at a young age. Starting from their early days working alongside their mother in various roles across different hospitality settings, they steadily rose through the ranks, gaining invaluable expertise along the way. Their paths eventually crossed with industry veteran, Chef Sylvain Cuerrier, resulting in the inception of ApexFox Performance Coaching.

Areas of Focus

With years of experience under our combined belts, we have found that individuals who experience the most benefit, in terms of professional support, are in the areas of:

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“A great coach can lead you to a place where you don’t need them anymore.”

– Andre Agassi

We are confident when we say, “We’ve been there. We know your pain. We get it. We can help!”

From ball boy to being on the bench, to head office…we have done the hustle and grind in every position on the field, behind the scenes, and eventually fulfilling roles where the focus was on building the franchise, bettering the team, and empowering every individual in the organization.

As entrepreneurs, we have experienced incredible successes and several epic train crashes. And, through all those lessons, be able to identify opportunities, avoid hazards, and appreciate what key factors generate success.

I’m Travis Talbot.

As an industry veteran, Travis brings a unique perspective and expertise to our team. With over 500 projects in various industries under his belt, Travis is a well-known and respected figure in the hospitality and entertainment industries. He has been referred to as a Hospitality Polymath, Industry Outlaw, Innovation Maverick, and a Goodwill Rockstar”.

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I’m Jarett Talbot.

Jarett's culinary career started with Canada's iconic Earls Restaurants. He now has over 25 years of experience as a head chef in some of the most notable restaurants internationally and has cooked for countless dignitaries, A-List celebrities, entertainers, and sports stars. In addition, he has worked for several high-profile hospitality companies, including the Concorde Group, Points West Hospitality, The Glowbal Group, Kanke Seafood Restaurants, Gateway Casinos, and Metropolitan Hotels.

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I’m Sylvain Cuerrier.

Chef Sylvain (CCC, RSE) is a hospitality veteran with over 35 years of experience leading brigades around the globe and mentoring 'Generation Next' of aspiring culinarians in countries like France, Taiwan, Canada.

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Real-World Challenges

"The best coaches are the ones who inspire their clients to become their own coaches."

– Alan Cohen

Although every scenario and individual is unique, we find that there are a few universal pain points, that are shared by entrepreneurs and executives, alike.

Not Enough… hours in the day, days in the week, or ‘time to tackle’. It’s a perpetual situation where resources are always in demand but rarely available.

Too Many… tasks, projects, expectations, and unknowns. A workload that becomes daunting and out of control.

Missing Talent… operating with a streamlined and often overextended supporting cast. Being taxed in fulfilling all the roles that are empty or missing from the org chart.

Needing More… information, insight, and clarity. Being able to dial down the noise, calm the chaos, and benefit from empathetic and intelligent counsel to make it all make sense.

Could Really Use… a contemporary, a colleague, a peer, and a friend to listen. To serve as an outlet, to bounce ideas off, to brainstorm with, to provide professional but no BS feedback. An ‘In-the-know’ resource that aids me in getting grounded and focused.

How Will Coaching Benefit Me?

Which scenario best describes you?

The Process

“A Simple, Frictionless, and No BS Experience.”

– Travis Talbot

Life and work are already challenging enough. Our role as coaches is to make it all make a little more sense, become more manageable, and support you in establishing and achieving new levels of success.


Go Exploring

Sift through our entire site, watch the videos, download the supplemental materials, and review our LinkedIn profiles so that you understand our offerings, are confident with our qualifications and are comfortable with who we are.


Get Connected

Schedule that first conversation. Discuss your specific goals, challenges, reservations, and what you hope to get out of the partnership.


Get Engaged

Work with us in shaping a program specific to you and scheduling that first series of coaching sessions.


Get Productive

Benefitting from a reinvigorated mindset, armed with new approaches, and with a coach driving you forward, experience a new level of confidence, clarity, and commitment.

We Have Worked With

Coaching vs Consulting

“The Effectiveness of a Leader is Best Judged by the Actions of Those They Guide.”

– Bill Courtney

From aspiring food truck operators to iconic multi-concept hospitality groups to powerhouse global operators to exclusive resort and lifestyle brands…we have worked with the entire spectrum. Models may vary but promoting positive mindsets and designing strategic methods has proven to be a winning formula, in every situation.


“Coaching is an Art, and It’s Far Easier Said Than Done. It Takes Courage to Ask a Question Rather Than Offer Up Advice, Provide an Answer, Or Unleash a Solution.”

– Brene Brown

Why Would I Need a Coach?
It’s never about ‘needing’ a coach it’s more about leveraging a resource and profiting from professional support. Coaching is not an expense it’s an investment. It’s a collaboration, a partnership, and an engagement between you and an industry expert.
What Makes Your Team of Coaches Different?

We are not just coaches. We are accomplished entrepreneurs, owners/operators, and Best-In-Class consultants. We are in the trenches with sleeves rolled up and working on a spectrum of projects. Daily, we work with C-Suite executives, Organizational Leaders, and Front-Line Teams.

And, when we are not ‘doing’ we are learning. Constantly developing our skillsets via hands-on immersive projects and self-initiated ongoing education.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

Coaching is an exchange. The more you invest in yourself, the more we can provide you, and the more you will get out of the experience. Everyone’s results vary depending on their goals, the time they allocate to the engagement, and how willing they are to consider a change.

We have helped entrepreneurs shape their business plans and model from concept to launch. We have assisted mid-level managers to excel in senior positions. We have supported C-Suite executives in learning more about the industry, their business dynamics, and situational awareness and in becoming respected and legacy leaders.

There are no cookie-cutter courses, curriculums, metrics, or results. We work with every individual to define what success looks and feels like for you.

How Long Before I Start to Experience Results?

For those that stick to the agenda, commit to the sessions, and contribute to the conversation, we have found that 3-months is the baseline timeline. Depending on the scope or complexity of goals.

One of the initial discussions will be about what you hope to get out of the engagement, what goals you want to achieve, and what timeline you want to set for yourself. From there we will establish what is realistic, and achievable, and develop a dashboard in pursuit of those aims.

Do I Have to Schedule a Consult Session?
Yes. We will not take on a new client without that initial session. It’s critical to understand your needs and to see if there is a fit. And it’s free!

The initial session is an opportunity for everyone to meet, make sure there is something we can contribute to, and ensure there is a positive connection. A small investment of time on both sides to ensure we don’t waste anyone’s time moving forward.
How Are Sessions Conducted?
We will also personalize this based on an individual’s available time, work schedule, and preferred method of communication. We find that regardless of the package purchased, the type of engagement is always a combination of Zoom sessions, emails, text messages, and phone calls.
How Do I Know What Package to Purchase?

Another reason for that initial consult session. When we learn about your goals, available time, and budget we will suggest an appropriate tier of coaching.

At any point in time, we can discuss the value and ROI of the engagement and can bump up to a more robust package and/or consider a different package that better aligns with the nature of the engagement. We operate in a ‘hospitality-first’ manner. We are not clock watchers, penny-pinchers, or hit-and-run operators. We accept a very limited number of clients so work hard with the ones we do work with, to provide what they need. Changing things up is a frictionless process.

What Are the Payment Particulars?
After we have confirmed a ‘package’, we will send you a link to our coaching platform and an invoice for payment.
It’s important to know that as coaches we charge in advance of any engagement and for ongoing, long-term collaborations, charge at the beginning of the month. Payments will be processed via credit card.
How Do I Change or Reschedule a Session?

We live in the real world and realize that life happens, and things change, often without much notice. It’s no problem to change your session dates. You will do this online via calendly.com.

We consider everyone’s time important and of value. Any missed appointments or changes not communicated 24hrs in advance will be considered a paid session.

Didn’t Cover a Question You Had in Mind?
Email or Text Us and We Will Respond Within 24 Hours.

“In Their Words...”

For the past 15-plus years, Travis has proven to be a respected mentor, outstanding operator, and trusted colleague. During the time I have known him, he has been my most trusted 'go-to' hospitality expert. He has helped our company create popular and profitable concepts, refresh and reposition struggling venues, revitalize business models, and is hands-down, considered the industry expert when it comes to menu development.

– Paul Bruno
I contracted Travis' company to assist us in reviewing our F&B programming and provide suggestions on concepts, designs, and menu development. In addition, I hired Travis to travel with me to 13 of our ski resorts and develop Master Plans for each property. I found him to be professional, responsive, and insightful. I would have no reservations about acquiring his talents again, in the future.

– Todd Shallan
For close to a decade, we have been working with Travis and his teams at all of our resorts and our attraction in TN. Travis and his team are active participants in all aspects of our F&B operations ranging from master planning to concept development to menu engineering and beyond. We have always found him to be diligent, agile, considerate and an invaluable resource. We find his work to be exceptional and our experience has been that he always exceeds expectations, consistently proving to be a sound investment.

– Brad Keen
As the Regional VP of Operations for the largest casino and entertainment company in Canada, I had the occasion to work with Travis when he served as the organization's Interim Executive VP of Food and Beverage. Under his direction, there were significant improvements in the company's F&B vision, management, and betterment of the F&B concepts and experiences we were delivering to our guests. I found him to be knowledgeable, considerate, and communicative, while still being objective-driven.

– Rowland England


If you are here, you have likely made it through our entire site and are intent on making some bold new moves. You have digested all we have shared and are eager to take some assertive action.

Now for the brass tacks…

We cannot present a one-size-fits-all a la carte menu. Just as every individual, every enterprise, and every game set of goals are different, so is every tailor-made coaching program. As we work with you to determine your ambitions, time availability, definition of resources…and ultimately your vision for success, we can present you with an investment outline and schedule.

That said, we do offer two standard options for those more comfortable with appetizers over entrees. More introductory explorations to get comfortable with and acquire a taste for the process.

Base Camp
Summit Leader